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Las Cruces Tutor and Tester

Are you looking for a dyslexia tutor or tester in Las Cruces, NM? Visit my friend & fellow Barton tutor CC Manning’s new website here:

New license plate

My husband is on a project at the New Mexico MVD, so he got me this “vanity” plate:
Vanity Plate

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Tumbleweeds Santa Fe

I want to give a shout-out to the local kids and families newspaper: Tumbleweeds Santa Fe. They graciously provided a link to my site for free in their links section. I think they have a wonderful publication, full of useful information and local events for kids and families in Santa Fe! Thanks!

Dyslexia laws in New Mexico

New Mexico, unlike Georgia, has a dyslexia law. This means schools are required to identify and remediate children with dyslexia (and they recognize that it is a real condition with a specific treatment requirement). Unfortunately, the law here is an unfunded mandate. I am still learning about what this means for kids in New Mexico, but obviously there can be no diagnosis and tutoring if there is no money to provide those services. I would be interested in talking to anyone who may have first-hand knowledge about this law and how it affects NM children!

New to Santa Fe

Hi, my name is Dite Bray and I just re-located to Santa Fe, NM from Atlanta, GA. In Atlanta, I have a thriving tutoring business which I started 5 years ago– Ladder Learning Services LLC. My husband and I moved to Santa Fe because of his work, and I am already loving it here!

I have a few students from Atlanta who I am working with online, but I’m looking for some local students as well! I have experience helping students with reading, spelling, writing skills, and handwriting. I can also do a little bit of elementary math as needed. I have a Master’s degree and am certified in the Orton-Gillingham approach, as well as the Barton Reading and Spelling System. I am trained in multisensory math and Handwriting Without Tears, and I have used several multisensory writing programs. I was a reading specialist at an acclaimed preschool in Atlanta for 3 years, as well as a 4-year-old classroom teacher for one year.

My specialty is working with dyslexic kids who are OK readers but poor spellers/writers! I also have experience with kids who have ADD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and other learning challenges; adult learners; English Language Learners who are also dyslexic; and typical/gifted learners!

Please contact me if you are looking for a tutor. My email is santafereadingtutor at or you can call me at 505-920-5218.