Resources For Orton-Gillingham Tutors

Here is a list of helpful free worksheets for Orton-Gillingham tutors. These are intended for educational use only– please do not reproduce or sell them.

  • General OG Stuff:

Alphabetizing the easy way from Handwriting Without Tears (Grade 3+)

  • Barton Stuff:

Books to Read with Barton
Book 4, Lesson 1, Extra Practice Page #1 (Student Page #13) a video where I show how to do this worksheet on closed/open syllables
Buddy and the Crimson Cap a story for kids in Barton Book 4, Lesson 3 and above

  • High Noon Stuff:

High Noon Vocabulary, Level C, Lesson 10. This puzzle covers the following skills: schwa “o” and vowel-L; suffixes “less” and “ness;” two-syllable words with syllable types: COVER+ (no consonant-LE words, every other type). Click here for a list of words in the puzzle. Click here for the answers.

More free resources are on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, as well as a few paid items.

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